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Будо-биография English+резюме для друзей (история жизни budomen)

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MASTER Sergey B. Dmitriev birth date 27/03/1970
COUNTRY: RUSSIA visit website http://www.kobudo-spb.ru/o-nas.html
MARTIAL ARTS BIOGRAPHY: After 33 years of training and participating in various kinds of tournaments, competitions, championships Sergey Dmitriev has acquired a number of ranks.
6th Dan Kombat karate & Taiho-jutsu (MAA-I)
5th Dan Kobudo (Russian Kobudo Federation & World Kobudo Association) & 5th Dan Ju-Jutsu (MAA-I)
4th Dan Jiu-Jitsu (IMAF & Russian Jiu-Jitsu Federation & IMAC )
3rd Dan Karate (Euro-Asia Budo Academy & Russian School of Martial Arts)
3rd Dan Judo (National Judo Union Rus & Federation Judo of Russia)
1st Dan Grappling (ISMA-JJD)
Master of Sport of Russia in Jiu-Jitsu
Master of Sport of Russia in Oriental fighting sport Kobudo
International Master of Martial Arts (National Sport Department)
He started learning Martial Arts at the age of eight. He studied Freestyle Wrestling and Sambo, some years later he started studying Japan martial arts in one of the most famous Russian schools Integrated School of the Highest Sports Arts on Kamenny Island in St. Petersburg. The same dojo where Russian president Putin studied Judo. The school has become the second home for Sergey.
After the Navy Academy Sergey Dmitirev became a navy officer - a military diver. The USSR collapsed, the Cold War was over and he left Special Forces and joined the Police, and after he resigned as Major he has worked as a chief bodyguard. So for many years Sergey has been practicing, studying and teaching Martial Arts.
He participated almost in every National Championships and Cups of Russia in Jiu-Jitsu and in Kobudo fighting-kumite & bunkai-kata 1999-2009.
Awarded with gold and silver medals on World and International Police & Fire Games (USA) on Karate-do and Judo 2001-2011.
Awarded with gold and silver medals on International Tournaments on Olympics Martial Arts “East-West” on grappling & self-defense & karate 2001-2012. Sergey was prized with more than 55 medals for various National and International Martial Arts competitions.
Commanding a Navy Special Reconnaissance group he started his teaching career as a Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor and since 1992 he has been teaching Ju-Jutsu & martial arts.
In 2009 he founded St. Petersburg Kobudo Federation. He works not only a chief body guard protecting his VIP-clients from USA, Europe and Israel in Europe, Fareast, Central Asia and Caucuses, he is also an instructor of National Association of Bodyguards. Besides he does research work on close protection and has several publications in that field.
He was nominated to Hall of Fame “International Bodyguard Instructor of the Year” 2009 Spain by ISMA & IMAC (USA-Europe). Nominated in as a "Master Combat Karate" in International Martial Arts Masters Book of the Year 2010 by IMA Times Magzine & MAA-I
Because of his extraordinary skill and experience in numerous Budo-Shows Sergey was invited for combat science in various national TV programs and action movies.
Sergey Dmitiriev
-President and founder of Federation Kobudo of Saint-Petersburg;
-Representative Federation Kobudo Russia (FKR) WKA version on North-West Russia;
-Vice-President Federation Oriental fighting sport (“VBE”) of Saint-Petersburg;
-Head Department Russian Union Martial Arts (“RSBI”) in Saint-Petersburg;
-Coordinator and head judge at Kobudo International Olympics Martial Arts “East-West”;
-Consultant Inter-regional Budo-Centre “Sangen”;
-Former senior coach regional & national Ju-Jitsu Team FMA“Budo” & RJ-jF 1994-2009;
-Member of Presidium Examination Committee IMAF-Europe on North-West Russia;
-instructor & consultant on ju-jitsu/judo/kobudo of Russian School Martial Arts (RSMA);
-senior instructor on Combat training of the National Bodyguard Association (NAST) Russia;
-National Ju-Jitsu Team member 1999, 2003-2006;
-National Law Enforcement Team member on Judo and Karate 2001-2008;
His highest sport achievements 1997-2011 listed below
-International Tournaments Grappling (combat version) on International Olympics Martial Arts St.-Petersburg 2008-10, 1-3 places;
-Cups and Championships of Russia on Kobudo (taiho-jutsu/ bunkai-kata), Moscow/Chelybinsk, 2008-09, 1 places;
-World and International Police & Fire Games, Indianapolis & Orlando & New-York (USA) Karate (kumite senior, WKF & semi), Judo (Open) 2001-2011, 1-2 places;
-Open Russia Jiu-Jitsu Championships of RJ-jF /JJIF /WKF (Fighting, Duo-kata), 1999, 2003-2005, 1 places;
-Open Ju-Jitsu Police International Championship of JJIF/BJJF Bulgaria, Sofia (Duo-kata), 2005, 1 place;
-All-Russia Tournament “Nevsky Fakel”, St. Petersburg, Karate-do WKC /JSKA (kumite team), 2005, 1 place;
-Open Latvia International Championships of Karate-do & Festivals “Fristaile Fighting”, Latvia, Riga (gosin-jutsu bunkai, kumite WKF masters), 2005-2011, 1 places;
-Open International Tournament in Marshal Arts “Gold Belt”, Ukraine, Donetsk (Enbu & show self-defence), 2003, 1 place;
-International Festivals of Martial Arts: “Free Russia”, “Cup of Baltic Sea”, “Sport Russia”, “Freestyle Fighting”, “Japan Spring/ Japanese Konsul Cup”, “Olympics “East-West Open” (Budo-show, self-defense, Point-fighting, Duat-kata),1999-2011, 1-2 places;
-All-Russia Tournament Karate WUKO St-Petersburg (kumite senior) 2008, 2 place;
-Open Championship of St.-Petersburg & region, KARATE (kumite semi-contact), 1999, 1 place;
-Open Finland Ju-Jutsu International Championship, Finland, Rauma (Fights), 1997, 1 place;
-Moscow, -St.-Petersburg, -Leningrad region, -North-West Open Jiu-Jitsu Championships of RJ-jF (Fighting, Duo-kata),1997, 2004-08, 1-2 places;
-All-Russian Police Fighting Championship (hand-to-hand combat), Ufa 1998, 2 place;
-Russian Ministry Customs Fighting Championship (army hand-to-hand combat) Moscow 2001, 2 place;
-International Police All-Round Championships “Anticriminal”, St.-Petersburg (self-defense, shooting, tactics, cross), 1998-2001, 1-2 places;
His teachers, instructors and examiners:
Vasily Shestakov (President FIAS -Sambo & RJ-jF), Valentin Molchanov 6 Dan Karate-do (Director RSMA, Russia), Alexey Kuznetsov 7 Dan Kobudo (WKA, President FKR), Bernd Hoehle (Headmaster MAA-I), Valentin Tarakanov (International Master of Sport Judo of USSR, silver medal Europe Champ.), Santiago J. Sanchis 9 Dan (President ISMA, Spain), Nikolay Smirnov 9 Dan (Director IMAC, Russia), Kevin Pell 8 Dan Ju-Jitsu (England), Oleg Pankratov 6 Dan Ju-Jitsu (Russia), Bryan Cheek 9 Dan (England), Auvo Niiniketo 8 Dan Ju-Jitsu (Suomi), Sergey Krutovskih 6 Dan Jiu-Jitsu (President MJF-RJF), Jeoff Benoy 8 Dan (President IMAF-Europe), Anatoly Sosnin 6 Dan Aiki-Jutsu (Ukraine), Yavor Diankov 5 Dan (President Bulgaria-WJJF).
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